Standardized Test Administration

According to the GDOE : "Students in home study programs shall be subject to an appropriate nationally standardized testing program administered in consultation with a person trained in the administration and interpretation of norm referenced tests. The student must be evaluated at least every three years beginning at the end of the third grade. Records of such tests shall be retained."

Standardized Tests Administered
South Cobb Homeschoolers offers standardized test administrations for achievement tests and learning ability tests through our sponsor, The Study Hall Education Consulting Company.
  • Achievement Tests
    • Standford 10
    • The Iowa Tests
  • Learning Ability Tests
    • OLSAT-8
    • CogAT
Group Administration
  • K5– Grade 3 (SESAT1–Pri3) must be administered separately by grade.
  • Grades 4–8 (Int1–Int3) may be administered together with minor modifications.*
  • Grades 9–12 (TASK1–TASK3) may be administered together.
*The Listening subtest must be administered to each grade level separately.

Completion Times*
  • K5: 2.5 hours over 3 days
  • Grades 1–8: 5–5.5 hours over 3 days
  • Grades 9–12: 4 hours over 2 days* 
The Stanford 10 is untimed. These are merely guidelines for the complete battery. (View Scope & Sequence [PDF] )

Dates 2016-2017

  • Fall Administration: October 17-19, 2016
  • Spring Administration :April 24-26, 2017


The cost for materials, results and administration of the test.
  • K5–3rd grade students- $100 for the first child, $50 for each subsequent child. 
  • Grades 4–12 students- $80 for the first child, $40 for each subsequent child. 
  • The cost for the practice materials is included in the cost for the exam. However, if you would like to purchase a practice test without committing to the test administration you may purchase one for $10 for each child.


All exams are administered at the South Cobb Regional Library or the Powder Springs Library.


To register you must contact Andrea Hall at or call 404-644-8391 three weeks prior to the test administration date.