Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sight Words: Fun, FREE, and Instructional - Guest Blogger Post

Sight Words Snakes & Ladders is one of our most popular sight word games.
My name is Margo and I would like to let y’all know about a new resource I've developed with the Georgia Preschool Association to teach children to read: SightWords.com (http://www.sightwords.com/sight-words/).

At SightWords.com we show you a variety of teaching techniques to introduce new words to your child and review old words. One day’s instruction time can include just 10 minutes of lesson time followed by 20 minutes of game time. Our sight words games reinforce the lessons through repetition, but wrapped up in fun variations of classic kids’ games!

SightWords.com is packed with free and printable resources, designed to promote learning in both formal and informal settings. The content is simple to use and tailored to the needs of homeschooling parents:
        Twelve fun Games from Candy Land to Bingo, easy to print and customize
        Customizable Flash Cards in three different sizes
        Classroom-tested Lessons based on the latest research, complete with “how-to” videos
        Templates of all our materials using the Fry and Dolch sight word lists

We have created a fun, easy-to-use, and FREE curriculum for sight words instruction. You are invited to take this knowledge and make the most of your child’s early education!


Margo Edwards is the Director of Content Development at SightWords.com, a website dedicated to providing free resources—from lessons to flashcards to games—that promote child literacy.