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Where Do Flies Go? The Journey Begins

Where Do Flies Go? The Journey Begins

Where Do Flies Go When it Rains? is a unique children’s book that unlocks the curiosity of a child. The author of this book has not only captured it on paper but has a unique and educational program that helps students make connects in science, English, music, art and math.

About the Author

Damon Hall is what you would call a renaissance man. A graduate of Morris Brown, Damon Hall obtained his Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and spent over 7 years in the classroom. It was here that the idea for “Where Do Flies Go When it Rains?” was conceived. However, it wasn’t until Mr. Hall left the classroom to become an entrepreneur that the book “Where Do Flies Go When it Rains?” actually takes flight.

About the Illustrator

Andrea Hall has been drawing for as long as she could remember. Her first art gallery showing was when she was only seventeen years old. Since then she has gone on to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Math Education and a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. However, she has never left her love for illustration. Her life is a testament that it is never too late to follow a dream.

About the Book

Written by Damon Hall, Illustrated by Andrea Hall
Published by EverFaith Press, 2014
ISBN-13: 9781937844639
At every picnic, three things are certain, food, fun… and flies. However, if it starts to rain…they all disappear. Where Do Flies Go When it Rains? unlocks the wonder and curiosity of a child as they follow Mr. Fly while he tries to find shelter from the storm.

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