Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unit Study for November - Physical Science - Field Trip Wednesday November 19

Unit Standards

S1P1. Students will investigate light and sound.
a. Recognize sources of light.
b. Explain how shadows are made.
c. Investigate how vibrations produce sound.
d. Differentiate between various sounds in terms of (pitch) high or low and (volume) loud or soft.
e. Identify emergency sounds and sounds that help us stay safe.

S1P2. Students will demonstrate effects of magnets on other magnets and other objects.
a. Demonstrate how magnets attract and repel.
b. Identify common objects that are attracted to a magnet.
c. Identify objects and materials (air, water, wood, paper, your hand, etc.) that do not block magnetic force.

Resources for this Unit
These Resources were taken from https://primarysciencetech.wikispaces.com/Light+and+Sound 


Palm Pipe Inquiry Lesson: Turning Vibrations into Music Sensations (S1P1c) - Students will investigate how vibrations produce sound with PVC pipes. Students will then play songs using their musical instruments.

Ear Bongs - (S1P1c) - With a wire coat hanger and a piece of string students will be able to see how sound travels much more effectively through materials than through air. Activity sheet provided. http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/educators/classroom_and_homework_resources/resources/ear_gongs.aspx
Extendable Bonko - ((S1P1d) - With a Pringle chip can and paper students will see how the length of a tube affects its pitch, and the amount of force you hit it with affects its loudness. http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/educators/classroom_and_homework_resources/resources/extendable_bonko.aspx


Sid the Science Kid - Light Scavenger Hunt (S1P1a) - This video investigation identifies light sources in a classroom. Sid the Science Kids is a series on GPB Kids. This site includes videos, songs, and investigations for many science topics.
Video Investigation: http://pbskids.org/video/?category=Sid%20the%20Science%20Kid&pid=m6dxN8nbFGZUQewi5RepmTds953xKt5Q

Sid the Science Kid - Shadow Investigation (S1P1b). This video investigations how shadows are formed.
Video Investigation: http://pbskids.org/sid/videoplayer.html This site doesn't always allow you to directly link to a video. Click on Investigation, then in the center window use the arrows to navigate to the Shadow Investigation video.

Physical Science Field Trip 
Who? South Cobb Homeschoolers 
What? Physical Science Experiments
When? Wednesday, November 19 at 11:30 am
Where? Vision Baptist Church in Smyrna
Fellowship Hall 

4250 S Hurt Rd SW, Smyrna, GA 30082
(678) 306-6826