Friday, February 15, 2013

Our First Fun Craft Friday 2/15/2013: The Good Samaritan

Spiritual, interactive, fun and educational!  That's what we strive to accomplish with our group and today was no different.  The kids learned how to be a good neighbor through the illustration of the Good Samaritan.  Shamari took the leading role as the man who was beaten up by the robbers (his mom :) Angela).  Having been left for dead the two priests came by (Ella and Jack) who turned their noses.  Finally the good Samaritan, Elyse, took him on the donkey to the inn keep for him to be cared for.

After this short story the kids then put together the Good Samaritan puzzle and decorated it with lots of glue glitter and colors.  If you missed today you missed all the fun!

But you can do the activity at home too!  Simply print the sheet located here Good Samaritan Coloring Sheet then cut it into jigsaw pieces and have your child put them together with glitter glue and other decorative elements.

South Cobb Homeschoolers signing off for now but see you next week at our Free Play Friday at the South Cobb Recreation Center!